Why does this blog exist?

Strawman: I’m sorry, who are you again?

Hi, I’m Edwin, nice to meet you. You’re on my blog right now.

Strawman: Oh cool. What’s your blog about?

Well, this is the first post, so I can’t tell you with 100% accuracy. I’m not psychic. However, the plan is to focus primarily on machine learning and…

Strawman: Woah, let me stop you right there. There are already a bajillion blogs about machine learning, why would you write another one?

Umm…because I want to?

Strawman: No-one’s gonna read it – there are many blogs by much more qualified people out there.

That’s a pretty defeatist attitude, and that’s also not why I am starting this blog. The primary aim is to solidify my own knowledge as I pick it up, and hopefully give the reader the perspective of someone who is also learning as they go along. Less of a teacher and more of a study buddy.

Strawman: Your primary aim is to learn? Why don’t you just do a degree?

I already did that – got my B.A. in Mathematics in 2018. I don’t really want to spend another several thousand pounds and several years unless it’s really necessary. I am definitely interested in pursuing research in the subject, and would love to do an ML PhD, but need to do some more work before I am ready for this.

What I need is something to fill this knowledge and skills gap without investing my time and money into another undergraduate degree, which means that I need to fill this gap myself. By writing about the things that I learn on my blog, I will learn how to organise and process the information better, which helps me to learn more effectively.

Strawman: Couldn’t you just do that in a private journal?

It’s not quite the same. It is easier to be driven to produce high-quality material if you have an external pressure. It is all very well to talk about how you are motivated from within, but then if you have an “off-day”, there is almost nothing to stop you from producing sub-standard work, or simply not producing work at all. Also I am keen to share my thoughts with others, in the event that people start reading the blog. It might help them, and they might be able to help me – two brains are better than one.

Strawman: Are you going to talk about anything else in your blog?

Yeah, I will also look at a lot of the mathematics and statistics behind the more practical stuff that I do. I know from reading around that a lot of people find the math portion of machine learning the most intimidating. I have a math background, so I will definitely have a crack at trying to break a lot of it down into more comprehensible chunks.

There may also be posts on other cool math or computer-related things that I come across, but nothing more off-topic than that.

Any more questions?

Strawman: Nah, I’m done. I hope you enjoyed talking to yourself.

Published by Edwin Fennell

I am a machine learning enthusiast keen to learn and share my knowledge.

4 thoughts on “Why does this blog exist?

  1. Good shit man, always a fan of coming up with ways to keep engaged in the face of long study grinds. Should be good for me as well to have some motive to learn about ML given I’m not a fan of most of the maths behind it hehe.


  2. I created a wordpress account so I could like this. Nice going! I like the tone.

    Now you’ve publicly committed to it! – so I’m looking forward to some nice mathsy ML content.

    You could check out Chris Olah’s blog. He has some nice creative and explanatory articles on ML with a mathsy bent. Don’t be intimidated by the pristine graphics and interactive widgets though.


    1. Checked out Olah’s Blog. Fancy stuff. Reassuringly though he has link to his old WordPress blog which looks a lot more like this one. Brings hope for what may be achieved in the future 🙂 .


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